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Top 5 Awesome K-Pop Music Videos featuring Legwear

K-Pop Girls Bands have some of the cutest best dressed girls in the world and, obviously, their taste in legwear is impeccable. Check out our selection of the 5 coolest videos around.

Top 5 Awesome K-Pop Music Videos featuring Legwear Pantyhose in Music Videos

Korean Girls Bands have some of the cutest best dressed girls in the world and, obviously, their taste in pantyhose is impeccable. Check out our selection of the 5 coolest videos around.

05. f(x) – Chocolate Love

f(x) is a 5-member girls band formed in 2009 whose name derives from the mathematical notation for a function, hence their nickname “function girls”. The video featured here is a secondary version developed for their hit single “Chocolate Love” which features the band in chic black outfits whose pantyhose is solely consisted by black sheer hose and wetlook leggings in a futuristic style environment.

Legwear Featured
Black sheer pantyhose
Black wetlook leggings

04. Chocolat – Syndrome

Chocolat is a group formed by two South Korean girls and three half-korean half-american girls, two of which are descendent from Italian and German ancestors. Supposedly the name “Chocolate”, in its French form, was chosen because these girls reminded other people of different kinds of chocolate (yes, it’s kinda weird). On this music video, directed for the song “Syndrome”, the main setting features the group in a futuristic styled room which is nicely matched by their black & white avant-garde looks with pink accessories here and there  to give it a touch of colour. The second shot was filmed on a colourfully painted warehouse setting with the group wearing a more casual array of clothing. The third setting is a hyper cute sugar rush pink & white scenery with matching coloured thigh high socks to go along with it. Three really distinct themes which make this video a must watch for every pantyhose fashion fan out there.

Legwear Featured on the Main Shot
Vertically striped black & white leggings
Sheer black leggings with two opaque diagonal bands near the ankles
White leggings with black typographic pattern
Bright pink opaque leggings
Opaque black leggings

Legwear Featured on the Secondary Shots
Black & white leggings with a horizontal striped pattern on the left leg and a star print on the right
White thigh-high socks with pink horizontal stripes


03. Rainbow – Gossip Girl

This music video by Rainbow features a really cool editing idea which was to overlay text on the actual video footage to make the girls seem like they’re dancing inside a fashion magazine cover, which perfectly matches the gossip magazine theme of the song. On the first shot, although we love the way the stylish outfits are put together there is not much interest where it comes to the pantyhose department except for a pair of black leggings with scattered ink blot type white print. Still, the second group shot makes up for the first by overlaying colourful fishnet leggings over the boring look black ones and creating a very cute ensemble. The colours of choice are neon orange, pink, white, green and dark blue, we simply love over-layering and we urge all of you that haven’t tried this kind of look to hop right on it (sheer tights with prints and lace tights also make great choices to overlay over solid coloured tights). One of the individual shots also shows one of the band members wearing a beautiful pair of wetlook leggings with a lace band sewed onto their sides.

Legwear Featured on the Main Group Shot
Black leggings with scattered ink blot type white print

Legwear Featured on the Secondary Group Shot
Black leggings with multicoloured fishnets over-layered
Black wetlook leggings with lace vertical band on the sides

02. Kara – Pretty Girl

This Kara video is one of the most cute and colourful we’ve seen, the choices of pantyhose are simply amazing and blend together fabulously with the sceneries in which it was shot. The first shot features one of the band members in a pink room listening to music and waving her legs to the rhythm in lovely horizontally striped black and white socks with pink details on the feet at the toes and below the ankle. Afterwards the main scenery comes into view, a CGI created room with a nice typographic background featuring the chorus “Pretty Girl, Beautiful Girl”, the black and white striped socks are still featured along with a pair of black tights with a pink heart print, dual colored black and yellow tights and purple opaques along with black otk socks with red diamond print. On the secondary shots the girls are busy tidying up their house in what seems to be some intensive spring cleaning but further to the end of the clip they show up in a different set of clothing featuring white socks with pink diamond shape print and two different styles with black socks with red details. A really cute fun music video that is sure to get some sugar pumping through your veins.

Legwear Featured on the Main Group Shot
Horizontal striped black & white under the knee socks
Black tights with pink heart print
Dual colored black and yellow tights
Purple opaque tights
Black over the knee socks with red diamond print

Legwear Featured on the Secondary Group Shot
White otk socks with pastel pink diamond print
Black otk socks with red band over the knees
Black, red and purple otk socks

01. Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

On this music video we find the wild bunch of girls that form the Miss A group storing their belongings in their lockers after what we assume to have been a long frustrating day at school due to the rebellious way they shove another student that gets in their way (how rude of them) before they arrive at a classic ballet rehearsal room (we see a glimpse of the ballet class right at the start of the video before the bell rings). Wearing loose black tops and tight black shorts (one of which is a cute see through lace model) they’re also dressed in three different styles of complementary black pantyhose one of which is our absolute favourite, dual opacity black sheer pantyhose, truly chic and playful but still sober to wear with any type of outfits. They do a couple of stretchings and then they proceed with a choreography packed with bold and dynamic moves. On the second shot of the video they change outfits whose main attention point is a set of thinly striped black & white apparel (namely a top, leotard, skirt and leggings – really awesome idea to feature the same pattern on four totally different types of clothing which maintains a sense of togetherness but without the boring “costumey” feel ). Packed between the two shots there are also a few scenes with individual band members. Last, but not least, we’re really digging the pink wig!

Pantyhose Featured on the Main Group Shot
Dual opacity horizontal band sheer pantyhose
Thigh high black socks
Under the knee transparent socks with black band on top

Pantyhose Featured on the Secondary Group Shot
Thinly striped black & white leggings
Black sheer and opaque pantyhose
Black sheer tights with opaque socks

Pantyhose Featured on the Individual Shots
Black floral lace pantyhose
(Also a really cool lace leotard)