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Roller Derby’s Pantyhose Power

An high adrenaline sport where teams of 5 fierce female competitors fight for victory tightly clad in stunning legwear. From garishly coloured leopard patterned leggings to opaque pantyhose overlaid with fishnets, anything goes!

Roller Derby’s Pantyhose Power Introducing Roller Derby

If you’re under the opinion that all female sports lack interesting legwear that’s what we’ve been thinking right up to the moment when discovered the Roller Derby phenomenon.

 Unlike what might seem at first glance, this is actually a sport with nearly one century of history which underwent quite a few twists and turns during its practice from fully fledged competitive sport to choreographed matches (with arranged winners like what happens in wrestling) and back to its original self.

We’re not going to get much into the basis of the game since there are more than enough pages out there regarding the history and rules of the sport. What we really want to focus here is the aesthetic and fashion surrounding the sport and, particularly, the legwear trends depicted overall by the competitors.

Despite the fact that all teams are required to wear their particular teams’ jersey the rest of the uniforms are completely up to the fiercely competitive girls that wear them and, let me tell you, they sure know how to rock their pantyhose.

Roller Derby’s Pantyhose Power Introducing Roller Derby

This photo features the South Side Derby Dames (green jersey) vs. Animas Roller Girls (black jersey). You can see some of the different styles of legwear used, from bright colored opaque pantyhose to black lace styles. They’re normally overlaid with over the knee socks for extra protection due to the constant risk of contact and falling.

On the article’s feature photo you can see an introduction lap by Team Punk at the Malmö Roller Derby festival in Sweden. Roller Derby is practiced worldwide and it’s even being considered for the 2020 Olympic Games.

You see it all on the track, from garishly colored leopard patterned leggings to opaque pantyhose overlaid with fishnets, black lace tights, thigh high socks and, of course, lots and lots of ripped black pantyhose due to the violent bumpy contact nature of the sport.

We’ve been scouting the web for some of the best styles seen out there and we’ve come up with a lot of awesome looks who draw their influence from the punk and camp movement while having sort of an electroclash DIY feel.

We’re really thrilled about having found out about this sport which integrates such an unique aesthetic feel and we hope that you enjoy it as well and start cheering for these 8-wheeled warriors with as much enthusiasm as ourselves.

Roller Derby’s Pantyhose Power Introducing Roller Derby
Roller Derby’s Pantyhose Power Introducing Roller Derby

On these photos you can see two other interesting styles of pantyhose being used by the athletes including lace pantyhose,  black and white leggings with dog tooth pattern, striped black and pink tights, pink fishnets over black opaque black pantyhose, multicolored socks, etc.

If you’re looking for more style suggestions directly from the skating ring you can find over 1 million photos of roller derby matches at Flickr. Also be sure to check the galleries of users Dimidus and Markvbloom which photos are featured on this article, they have some really awesome shots available for your viewing pleasure on their accounts.

If you’d like to know if there’s a roller derby league near you so you can watch some games live you can check the worldwide roster of teams. Chances are you might be able to cheer for your home team soon!

There’s also a really cool movie about Roller Derby called “Whip It!” featuring Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, you can watch the trailer below.