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Marie Stella

Marie Stella is a Greek fashion blogger with an unique style that includes colorful tights and leggings

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger

First tell me a little bit about yourself. Who is Marie Stella, where does she come from, where does she want to go and what are her biggest dreams and goals.
Marie Stella is a senior high school student from Greece. However, that’s not how I fancy being described. I mostly think of myself as a person who lacks the ability to keep their feet on the ground. Both literally and metaphorically (I love taking flying pictures!) Many people don’t consider it a good thing, and believe me, sometimes it makes your life really difficult, but all I want to think about is love, writing, fashion and music and I can’t do anything about it. I have no idea whether I’m really good at any of these, I don’t care, I just love doing things that make me happy, and certainly love and art are two things that make life worthy. My biggest dream? I want to write. I need it, in order to survive. Maybe I’ll never succeed to make a living out of it, but I’m already doing it for myself and that’s enough.

What was your main motivation to start your blog back in 2011?
What I had always loved about fashion hadn’t been photography, but combinations. I had never read Vogue, I wasn’t following any fashion blogs, I just happened to fall in love with clothes and spending hours imagining how to combine them. I never wanted anything expensive. What mattered was the color, the fabric against my skin, the general feeling the piece (or the outfit) gave, even if it cost one dollar. I started taking pictures not for my face and pose, but for the outfit. I posted them on facebook but sadly no one seemed interested. I had already discovered Lookbook, but it never managed to make me obsessed. I searched frantically and finally found Chictopia. I fell in love with the beautiful and kind people and their amazing styles. I started a Chictopia blog, and that brought me to create my own last year.

Throughout your blog you refer to Paris as being your favorite city worldwide, what are the aspects you enjoy the most?
Sometimes I feel that I don’t have the right to feel so obsessed with Paris, as I’ve been there only once. It’s the same feeling I had once, when I fell in love at first sight with my boyfriend, without even knowing his name. Now, after almost three years in a relationship, I don’t regret any obsessive thought, any crazy behavior, any passionate attempt to meet him. That’s what happened with me and Paris: love at first sight. I know I’ll never regret it, and I know I have the right to love it just like I do with my man. I’m in love with everything in that city. The history, the culture, the streets, the food, the fashion, the people, the language, the literature, the cinema, the art and the music. However, I also adore London, which is something that my internet friends don’t know so much.

Your photos have a really nice vintage grainy feel to them, do you use an image manipulation program to achieve that effect?
Thank you! I do, it’s an amazing site, picmonkey.com, free and easy to use.

Can you tell us about the greatest experiences and/or opportunities your blog has provided you with so far?
My blog makes me smile every day, not the blog itself, but the people who have embraced it so kindly. I love making friends through the internet, it’s really surprising how supportive people you’ve never really met can be, even if they seem to be far away. Creating a blog has definitely helped me develop my style, as interaction with other bloggers is, for me, much more important of a lesson than watching fashion shows and reading magazines. I get so excited every time I get asked to do an interview, every time I make it to Chictopia’s front page. It’s just the fact that people who I love, love me too, that’s great!

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger

Do you receive mails from other girls that are thinking of starting their own blogs and turn to you for tips? What kind of advice do you give them?
I do, and I feel terrible because sometimes I don’t have time to provide them with many information and write long mails, being a senior student in Greece really makes life hectic and I don’t even have time to sleep! I promise to give more time in the future… The only advice I have to give is not exactly be yourself, because sometimes I find myself wanting to be somebody else. My advice is play. Use fashion for a way to express your feelings, and just for that. Show who you truly are, or even who you want to be, by playing, by dressing up, like in Halloween! Make every day Halloween, that’s what I do, and it’s so fun!

If you’d have to pick three favourite posts from your website which ones would they be?
Chambermaid swing + La Veillée + Flying Macaron

What other blogs and websites do you follow and why would you recommend them?
The Citizen Rose Bud
An extremely unique, fun lady, with an amazing style sense.

I love Anastasia so much! She’s a fellow Greek blogger who adores The Beatles just as much as I do!
There are just so many blogs that I love, it’s impossible to write about all of them!

If you had to describe your style how would you do it?
Oh, that’s a particularly difficult question. I suffer from a bipolar (or should I say threepolar?) fashion syndrome. I get addicted to so many different styles, but I have three main ones that make me feel SO myself! My followers are more familiar with the first one: Romantic, classic and extremely vintage, with an inspiration starting from Belle Epoque and ending at the 50s. (With a Paris-centric theme, usually). The second one, is completely different, but I’m so passionate about that too! Sometimes all I want is to be… a badass witch! A combination of a rocker (I love rock music. I really do) with magical abilities (oh, and Harry Potter is my life. Not my second life. My main one:P). Leather, black tulle, combat boots, fascinators, dark lipsticks, stars and galaxy prints. As for the third one, it’s the 60s hippie thing that gets me every now and then. I wish I was born then! I’m sure I’ll never get over it!

When you’re putting together your outfits where do you normally get your inspiration from?
Usually it’s not people that inspire me. It’s mainly music. I listen to a song, and it immediately produces an outfit in my mind. A peter pan collar dress and kitten heels for Yann Tiersen, galaxy prints for Detektivbyrån, an ethereal piece for Vivaldi, maxi skirts and paisley prints for The Beatles and of course, red dresses and cowboy boots for my favourite Molotov Jukebox! I also get inspired by movies, eras, literary characters, feelings, or from something I wrote.

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger

Can you name two people who has had the biggest influence on your style?
Only two:(? Well, let’s say that it’s the same person. Oh I feel quite embarrassed to say that, it really is a childhood secret… the character of Nymphadora Tonks, from the Harry Potter books, who is one of my role models (even during a war, even when you’re a fighter, love is the most important thing, you must never stop trying to find it), and has a completely crazy style, with pink hair and rocker-quirky outfits. That was the first person, now the second, was the actress who played her at the Harry Potter movies, but for an entirely different reason. Natalia Tena also plays on Game of Thrones, but has an enormous musical talent. She sings and plays accordion for Molotov Jukebox, she didn’t only influent my style, but also was the reason I learnt accordion by ear. Her style and personality are the craziest, quirkiest, most perfect I have ever seen, just like her music. Classy or playful or magical, always unexpected, always throwing cowboy boots, even with a huge puffy dress, wearing rubber duck headbands, polka dots and sweetheart retro necklines, oh that woman is probably the love of my life! Kidding. Or not?

Who do you consider the most fashionable public figure of current times and the most fashionable celebrity of the past? What do you love the most about the way they dressed?
Well, Audrey Hepburn was my first and will be my eternal idol. There’s nothing on her that doesn’t inspire me. Her class and talent was unbelievable. As for today’s most fashionable figure, I would definitely say Helena Bonham Carter, such a unique and extraordinary lady! You’ll never expect what she’ll show up with, I simply am hooked at her crazy, sometimes dark style!

Do you consider yourself to be a trendsetter or more of a fashion follower?
I most definitely do not consider myself to be a fashion follower. And that’s simply because I never read about the upcoming trends. I don’t care. Fashion for me is a game, it’s about my personality, not about what’s in fashion this winter. Magazines won’t tell me how I feel or who I am. If what comes in fashion is me, then definitely I will embrace it, if not, then no. I’m desperately trying to find the occasion to wear a huge Renaissance gown, is that in fashion? As for the trendsetter title, I have no idea if I am one, I’d love to be, who wouldn’t, after all, but I can’t say it for myself.

What are some of your favorite hosiery brands and shops?
In my country there aren’t many physical unique hosiery brands and shops which you can’t find anywhere else. I’d say Calzedonia, as you can always beautiful pieces there, I also like shopping from Pull&Bear and H&M. As for internet shops, I simply am in love with Romwe and Chicwish. You can find the most romantic and unique pieces there, in such great prices. I definitely recommend them.

What was the priciest legwear item you’ve ever bought? And what was the cheapest?
I don’t own really pricy legwear, as I love being a bargainer. My priciest was probably a beautiful deer patterned pair of leggings from Romwe, which still wouldn’t be considered pricy.
The cheapest was from Oysho, a burnt orange pair which I love.

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger

What was the last pair of pantyhose/leggings you bought? Did you buy it to match a particular outfit or did you simply fell in love with it?
I fell in love with these mint tights, as mint has always been one of my favourite colors, I needed them so badly! It matched almost every single of my outfits!

Walk us through your pantyhose drawer, what are some of your favorite items and why?
Oh, I love pantyhose so much! My favorite leggings are probably the Romwe galaxy ones, the Romwe horse ones and the Romwe swan ones (They really have the most perfect leggings!)
You can check them here: Swans, Owls and Shallows + The Birth of Space – E18 + Horse Girl

Browsing through your blog we came across several looks featuring beautiful leggings and tights, is it safe to assume that they have a huge influence on the outfits you put together?
That’s true, in fact it’s more usual for me to make an outfit because of a certain pair of hosiery, than to just pick a pair to complete an outfit.

Your blog features a whole range of pantyhose looks, what are your favorite type of motifs, prints and textures when it comes to tights, leggings and socks?
I adore knee high socks in the winter, in rich colors like burgundy and forest green. I also love pastel tones when it comes to tights, such as pink, mint, lilac. As for leggings, the crazier the better! I want the leggings to be the unique part of the outfit, not the simple one. I love every pattern and print that shouts more than the top or the shoes.

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger

What do you think is going to be the next big trend in the pantyhose universe?
I can see that these crazy leggings with the unexpected prints have become really popular and I feel extremely happy about it. I’d love to see leggings with famous classic paintings printed on them. I’d kill with a pair of Van Gogh’s Café Terrace at Night! I’d simply do everything about it! Or Monet. That would be amazing!

There is a whole awareness campaign going on these days regarding the “leggings as pants” look, are you okay with it or completely horrified when you see it?
To be honest, I don’t always like it. I have worn it several times, but with thick leggings, which are still very tight, but can pass as equestrian pants. Otherwise, go for a longer top. If underwear is visible, then it’s a no from me.

If you’d have to choose three of your favorite photos on the Pantyhose Party website, which ones would they be? Please tell us what you like about them.
Denim Skirt and Yellow Tights
I love this picture so much and the solid colors make such a perfect combination!
Beige Lace Tights with Floral Pattern

The outfit is so chic, the picture amazing, the tights perfect and the heels compliment them very well.
Black Tights and Leopard Print Shorts

The most gorgeous tights I’ve ever seen.

Thank you very much for giving me this interview. I hope that we can keep in touch for future collaborations and I wish you the best of luck for your website!

Marie Stella Legwear Fashion Blogger