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DIY Tights as Top Pantyhose Video Trend

This DIY transformation gives a new dimension to the underwear as outerwear trend and is a great way to breathe new life into your old legwear items

DIY Tights as Top Pantyhose Video Trend Turn pantyhose and leggings into awesome tops

We first came into contact with the tights as top trend through the DIY video by fashion blogger Raye where she demonstrates you how to properly cut the tights in order to correctly transform them into a top and showcases two different styles of tights. One is a pair of semi-opaque black tights and the other a pair of sheer tights that losely fit her arms. The “sleeves” on the second one look really awesome with the leopard print strapless bra she uses underneath thrown together with a pair of jeans like you can see on the photo above.

MsFabulousTeeks shows us how this transformation can also work out awesomely with floral tights for a great casual look together with jeans or flat colored pants. Besides this video she also posted this really cool footage showcasing some of her favorite leggings and how she styles them on her daily looks. Follow her at Facebook to keep up with her latest video uploads.

MsDreamer shows us two other variants, one with an awesome pair of greyscale leopard print tights (that she wears throughout her video) and a different approach with flat colored semi-opaque blue pantyhose. Both look absolutely awesome, espeically the second one that really boosts her beautiful silhouette.

The possibilities are endless and you can make this work with almost any brand and style of tights out there. If you have a DIY video of you transforming tights into tops or an OOTD video showcasing a look you’ve put together using them be sure to send us a link through the comment box below. Now it’s time to grab a pair of scissors and get to work!