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Jupiter – Saké
Pantyhose in Music Videos

Our pantyhose music video of the day was conceived by designer and illustrator TU SAIS QUI and director Elsa Blayau for the French band Jupiter and their nu disco revival song “Saké”.

This is quite a playful silly video which starts with instructions for dipping your sake cup into your beer glass and, after gulping it down, hitting the dance floor to watch a spectacular over the top dance competition between Red & Blue Team which are dressed head to toe in those particular colours. The graphical interface is a really fun analogy to 2d arcade fighting games of the past and features power bars, scores and lives remaining for both teams while they battle each other with wicked dance moves.

Style wise we can see Amelie, the band’s singer, featuring lovely 80s dance floor inspired make-up and wearing a shiny golden sequin dress with black star pattern print, black pantyhose and heels covered in sparkling dust which shines in multicoloured reflections in an effect similar to a disco ball. There are also some other scenes where she’s wearing a simple black top and golden plaid skirt with some black chiffon showing from underneath it.

The girls on the dancing teams sport blue and red spandex leggings and tights whose colours are matched by old school sport jackets and boots/heels. Later on you can also see a girl wearing leopard print tights and a simple cut pink dress with a band of white fabric on top, at this point the stage gets invaded by an army of maddened dancers shaking their bodies like their having epileptic seizures and the video finishes in an apotheotic frenzy of foolish dance moves.

Besides the music video, the music itself is really awesome and other than this one they have other really nice tracks, if you still haven’t checked them out you should give their album “Juicy Lucy” a go on their website.

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