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Editors – An End Has a Start
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Today’s featured pantyhose music video was directed by Diane Martel for the Editors and it’s a nice indie rock post-punk revival track called “An End has a Start” featured on the bands second album, released in 2007, which shares the same name. The video has some conceptual similarities to the Calvin Harris one we posted last Monday since they both feature minimal settings and multicoloured opaque pantyhose.

Diane Martel‘s resume is impressive, she’s directed well over 60 music videos all the way since 1993 including some for artists like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Method Man and other celebrity pop stars. We’re glad she underwent this much more alternative project with the Editors which culminated in this fun colourful legwear experience.

Unlike what’s seen on the Calvis Harris pantyhose music video here the pantyhose are completely visible right up to the waistband and seams in an underwear as outerwear approach. It’s dressed over tight black leotards while the tennis shoes with high soles are of a contrasting white. The shoes are of great importance in the video in certain shots like the opening scene where one of the dancers is banging on the drum’s kick repetitively or in a particular scene where the dancers are lying on their backs and waving their feet in the air in sync. It’s the only element that contrasts with the overall dark settings of the video which is also reflected on the dancer’s solid black eye shadow.

There’s also a doll like automaton appearance to the dancers like they are semi-dressed window mannequins made to perform in sometimes robotic choreographed danced moves at the will of the musicians. The contents of the lyrics further suggests us so especially in this particular part: “I won’t disappoint you / As you fall apart / Some things should be simple / Even an end has a start”.

To summarize it we think it’s a really cool minimal pantyhose music video and is a definitely worth addition to our Youtube profile’s favourites.

If you’d like to see an alternative version of the video in high resolution you can do it at the director’s Vimeo page.

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