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CSS – City Grrrl
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Our fantastic journey through the pantyhose music video universe has brought us to this fantastic piece of film directed by Phil Harder for one of our favorite bands, the vibrant electroclash indie rock synthpop powered beauties that form the Brazilian band CSS aka Cansei de Ser Sexy. The music’s name is “City Grrrl” and it’s featured on their latest album called “La Liberación” which is full of rocking tracks that you should definitely check out.

Throughout the music video we can see the lead singer Luísa Hanae Matsushita aka Lovefoxxx which is an absolutely gorgeous girl of German, Portuguese and Japanese descent of 28 years old which abandoned her activity as illustrator and fashion designer to dedicate herself entirely to the band.

On the first scene of the video she’s walking out of a suburban bus onto New York city and heading straight for an underground bathroom where her casual laid back look is about to undergo a deep transformation. She opens up her bag, starts putting on a whole array of accessories and grabs a pair of scissors which she uses to cut her jeans into ripped denim shorts. Beneath them she’s already wearing a pair of black lace pantyhose with spider web patterns which completely match the electro punkish look she’s going for, all she needs is some bright red paint on her hair and she’s ready to hit the streets.

The next few shoots are of Lovefoxxx dancing in front of a graffiti wall of fame with a big baggy yellow sweater, brown boots and the aforementioned tights but later on we can see a scene with a really cool look where she’s wearing fishnet pantyhose and, in a rapid sequence of edited shots, combining them with several different outfits in front of a turntable. There are also a couple of shots where she’s wearing a white t-shirt over a black fishnet long sleeved top which is really cool.

All in all an awesomely energetic pantyhose music video with really cool editing for an awesome music to add to the other excellent tracks CSS has produced in the past.

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