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Calvin Harris – The Girls
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On our quest to find the best pantyhose music videos out on the web we’ve stumbled upon this really fun colourful masterpiece directed by Kim Gehrig for Calvin Harris‘ catchy electro-house tune “The Girls”. The video starts with Calvin looking cool and hip in his 5 days old stubble while telling the viewers that he likes girls of all races, types and sizes. Still all the girls featured in the video are skinny Caucasian girls with more or less the same kind of features (which we take to be kind of an ironic approach by the director to the contents of the lyrics).

The dancers begin their choreography in tight white shorts and tops, white opaque pantyhose and white wigs. Nevertheless throughout the music video the colors of their outfits and pantyhose change to different bright colours. The most interesting scenes are when the dancers outfits form a kind of colour gradient from yellow to red or to different shades of pinks (and in the final shot ranging the whole visible spectrum of colors) that combined with the sequential dance moves achieves a really interesting visual effect.

Overall this is quite a fun music video to watch featuring our favourite undergarment and it has a cool minimal feel, the choreography has some interesting moves and is enough to keep you interested throughout the video.

We’ve searched Kim Gehrig’s portfolio which is available at Somesuch & Co expecting to find other works featuring pantyhose or other types of legwear but it seems this was a one time theme for her. If you’re interested in knowing more about her there’s a very interesting interview here with some samples of her other works.

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