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7 Best Pantyhose Review YouTube Video Channels

7 Best Pantyhose Review YouTube Video Channels

Our picks for the 7 best pantyhose review YouTube video channels posting high quality content on a regular basis. All of them feature gorgeous models and very interesting styles of pantyhose, tights, leggings and socks.


Jeny comes from Russia and she’s a very gorgeous woman that loves pantyhose. She seems to love wearing pantyhose as pants and likes to leave her skirts at home while strolling around. Here you can see her reviewing these beautiful 80 denier white leggings with a vertical seam.


Stephanie is completely addicted to the Black Milk brand and so are we. Most of her videos feature legwear from Black Milk which are famous for their amazing patterned colorful catsuits and bodysuits. She has been posting for a few years now although not so regularly these days. Her huge library of uploaded videos should be enough to keep you busy for quite some time and you can start by watching the featured video below in which she samples an awesome pair of black leather leggings with sheer nylon panels.


On the featured video below Christina reviews the Cecilia de Rafael’s Eterno 15 sheer tan pantyhose, a highly anticipated model of this famous tights brand. On her channel you can find a few other tights reviews and also quite some interesting videos related to hosiery like the “Proper pantyhose protocol” video where she demonstrates to a friend how to properly put on a pair of tights.

Lady Renee

Lady Renee is a German fashion vlogger whose channel is entitled “My fashion for legs”. On this video she is reviewing the Falke Pure Matt 100, a beautiful pair of grey opaque tights. During the video you can see some great details of the tights but if you’re not a German speaker you will miss out on her explanation. She has quite a few other interesting videos on her channel like for example her “Layering tights over pantyhose” or her “Layering sheer pantyhose & fishnet” video where she explains how you can layer different pairs of tights to create new looks.

My Pantyhose Girl

My Pantyhose Girl is Maria, a Finnish girl that runs her channel with her husband Mikko. They have a strong passion for pantyhose and hosiery in general so they’ve decided to share their love with the rest of us. On this video Maria takes us through her collection of Wolford bodysuits while wearing sheer tan pantyhose underneath them. Wolford is a world renowned brand of pantyhose but their bodysuits and other undergarments also attract a lot of hype.

Penelope’s Pantyhose

On this video Penelope reviews the Hanes Silk Reflections Silky Sheer nylons. If you dig deeper into her channel you can find dozens of other reviews by several different models that are definitely worth a look.

Swistaa Spandex Reviews

Swistaa started out as Swistaa Project, a YouTube channel where they posted quite some experimental videos featuring models in tights. In September 2015 they published an announcement that they would be moving from this concept more conventional pantyhose and leggings review videos. Ever since they’ve been posting quite high quality reviews by different models.