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Legwear Fashion Blogger

If you're looking for exclusive insight on the world of French legwear fashion blogging you don't have to look any further. Arnaud has interviewed dozens of the best dressed girls in France and is an absolute authority on the matter.

Arnaud Legwear Fashion Blogger

Arnaud is a 30 years old musician from France and his blog is a fantastic source of legwear inspiration and information. It’s written in French but you can easily use a translation tool in order to read the articles and interviews (or you can just browse through the wonderful photos).

He’s been running his website since 2010 and when we asked him what was his favourite interview so far he remarked “I can’t really make a choice to be honest. All the bloggers that I have interviewed are different, each one has a different approach to fashion and their own taste. In addition to this, they are very pretty and charming. Frankly, I love them all. And they’re especially fond of tights and surprised that a man knows so much about it.”.

His favourite websites are Fashion my Legs, the Wolford brand website and the French blogs MissPandora and Nylon-Volupté. His favourite styles of tights are those of classical kind in discrete colours which are “not too flashy”.

(The photo used on this article features French fashion blogger Lilou, you can read the whole interview with her on Arnaud’s website and visit her blog.)